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Lake Kiba Para & Canoe Festival was held

Lake Kiba Para & Canoe Festival was held on 8th September at Lake Kiba Canoe Sprint Course. The representatives of the Para-Canoe Team from Great Britain and Canada joined us. Lake Kiba is one of pre-games training camps locations for several Olympic teams participating in Tok...


Pre-Games Training Camp Promotional Booth at ANOC General Assembly

Ishikawa Prefecture set a booth at the 33rd ANOC (Association of National Olym pic Committees) General Assembly for the promotion of pre-games training camp sites within the prefecture for Tokyo 2020. Held in Tokyo from 11/27 to 11/30, the booth was visited by attendants from ...


★NEW★ New pamphlets for Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics pre-games training camp promotion

In order to promote our prefecture to International Sports Federations we have created a pamphlet that showcase our facilites, accessibility from Tokyo, rich food culture, uniqueness of our prefecture, and so forth. Originally only available in English and Japanese; the pamphl...


Where the traditional and the modern meets.
The best of Japan in one place–Ishikawa Prefecture.

Message from Ishikawa Prefecture

We hope that all athletes and those involved will not only be able to achieve great results at the Olympics and Paralympics, but also experience the best of Japan in Ishikawa Prefecture where you can find all of the charms of the country.





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