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Wajima City Public Gymnasium

Facility Size

Arena: 45m × 37m,
ceiling height 17m
4 Trampolines
2 EUROTRAMP trampolines
2 trampoline mat sets

Equipment and other facilities

Heated pool
Training room
Running track
(180m circuit)
Meeting room etc.


◆Equipped with air conditioning, a heated pool and a training room.
◆This facility is situated in a relaxing environment surrounded by natura forest and on a small hill with views of the sea.

Main events previously held

・ Western Japan Trampoline hampionships (2015, 2007)



Wajima City Public Gymnasium

  • 1-12 Sugihira-machi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa
  • Phone: +81-768-23-0101
  • Fax: +81-768-23-0102

City outline

Wajima belongs to the rural and historic Noto area, which is famous for fishing, natural salt manufacture, and other traditional skills. In 2011, it was recognized as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System.
By plane, it only takes one hour to get from Noto airport in Wajima city to Haneda airport in Tokyo. The temperature and humidity from July to August in Wajima are roughly the same as Tokyo because Wajima faces the sea, like Tokyo. This will permit you to practice in the same conditions you will compete in.