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Matto Comprehensive Sports Park Gymnasium

The gym has a main arena which is 1,800㎡ with a 13.5m high ceiling, a sub arena which is 500㎡ with a 10m ceiling, and other facilities such as a training room and indoor pool.

Facility Size

Main Arena
Area Size 1,800㎡(45m×40m)
Ceiling Height 13.5m

Sub Arena
Area Size 500㎡(29m×17m)
Ceiling Height 10m

Equipment and other facilities

Training Room(Cardio training room,Muscle training room)
Indoor Pool(25m)


Main events previously held

・The second National Junior Trampoline Competition
・Volleyball V League (The Challenge League)
・Hokushinetsu Gymnastics Championships(women’s rhythmic gymnastics)



Towards Tokyo 2020: Trampoline Classes Held in Hakusan City to Promote Enthusiasm for Pre-Game Training Camps

On November 26, trampoline classes were held in Hakusan City in order to promote enthusiasm for the Tokyo Olympics and recruitment of teams to train in Hakusan City. Over 200 participants including children aspiring to be professional athletes for the upcoming Olympic games g...


Ishikawa Native Olympians participate in 11th Ishikawa Children's Long-Distance Relay Race

On November 3rd, a long-distance relay race was held in the Ishikawa Track and Field Stadium, in which about 1,200 Ishikawa elementary school students participated. Daisuke Nakata, who represented Japan Men's Trampoline at the Sydney Olympics, and Mai Nakagawa, who represented...


Advertising Ishikawa prefecture as a location for pre-games training camps at an International Gymnastics Federation assembly

On October 18th, 4 cities--Kanazawa, Komatsu, Wajima and Hakusan, which are the candidate locations for the Trampoline training camp--and Ishikawa Prefecture ran a booth at the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) General Assembly held at the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba Hotel to...



Why is Hakusan aiming to host the trampoline event?

Trampoline has been steadily gaining popularity among junior athletes and, through increased promotion, we are expecting further growth of the sport. We are also hoping to foster interaction between Olympic athletes and the many children living here.


Matto Comprehensive Sports Park Gymnasium

City outline

Hakusan City is blessed with a wealth of natural richness from the Sea of Japan to Mt.Hakusan,one of Japan's three sacred mountains. The sports park is located in Matto, a beautiful Japanese town in which people live easily and closely to the nature around them.
You can train in a very caim atmosphere while refreshing yourself in bountiful nature. It is a mere 10 minutes by local train from JR Kanazawa Station to Matto Station,and 30 minutes' drive from Komatsu Airport.

Hakusan City Board of Education Sports Division


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