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The shortest distance between Ishikawa Prefecture and Tokyo is about 300 kilometers. It seems considerably far.

We will be happy if you take notice of not only the distance but general convenience of the prefecture as well.


Do you have an example of a Pre-Games Training Camp plan in Ishikawa Prefecture?

In a survey taken at the 2012 London Olympics/Paralympics, the average number of days spent at pre-games training camps was 20.9. This is an example of how you can productively train in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Training Camp Model

What are the advantages to train in Ishikawa Prefecture?

・ You can hold training camps at facilities built in accordance with the International Sports Federation's Olympic regulations.
・ Training facilities are by the airport, with hotels and hospitals nearby as well.
・ Komatsu Airport located in the southern part of the prefecture, allows for convenient transport of athletes and large equipments such as boats, etc.
・ The surrounding nature allows for more concentrated training in comparison to a large city.

Are there any financial support or subsidies?

As pre-games training camps are held in agreement with each country and region’s respective NOC/NPC, all costs incurred as a result of those activities are the sole responsibility of the country and organization in question.
However, we are able to assist you on more convenient usage of our facilities, inter-prefectural logistics, and so forth.
Please contact us at i-sports@ishikawa.pref.lg.jp for further information.

Is it possible to do a inspection visit in advance?

As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Inspection visits are very welcome. We will also guide you to the training environment, accommodation facilities and nearby sightseeing spots.

Can we have more detailed information aside from what is provided on the home page prior to an inspection visit?

We are happy to send additional material by email or post. Please feel free to contact us at i-sports@pref.ishikawa.lg.jp

I would like to make an inquiry by email/phone, but I cannot speak Japanese. Will there be someone able to assist me?

Our staff are able to assist you in English, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages. Please feel free to contact us at i-sports@pref.ishikawa.lg.jp

Is it possible to reserve the entire facility for our training camp?

As it will depend on the number of people and time period, please let us know your plan first. We are open to consultation. Please contact us at i-sports@pref.ishikawa.lg.jp

How can I send large-size equipments to the training site?

There are international cargo flights in service at Komatsu Airport located in the southern part of the prefecture which are convenient for transportation of machinery and equipment.
Additionally, Ishikawa Prefecture is connected to Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya International Airports by highway, so transport by truck is also convenient.

My Federation would like to hold a training camp in Ishikawa Prefecture. Who should I contact?

Please contact us at i-sports@pref.ishikawa.lg.jp

Where are brochures about the facility being distributed?

Brochures can be found at local city halls, prefectural offices, etc. It is also available online. Brochures in other foreign languages are available as well, and can be sent by post if desired. Please feel free to contact us.